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Prof. Saleem Abdul Sattar Khan
Pakistan Journal of Surgery,
Office No. 301, 3rd Floor, C-30-C/II, Shahbaz Lane 4, DHA Phase VI, Karachi.
Current Issue - October - December 2023, Vol. 39, No. 4


Types of Gynaecomastia and treatment modalities
Munir Alam


The role of C-reactive protein and procalcitonin for early diagnostic accuracy and prognostic significance in sepsis
Abdul Sami Qureshi, Shua Nasir, M.Z. Jilani, Inayat Ali Khan, Erum Soomro, Nida Shahid, Sadiqa Ali

Outcomes of internal Haemorrhoids: A-10-year prospective study experience in a private sector tertiary care hospital in Sri Lanka
Vasitha Abeysuriya, Lal Chandrasena

Frequency of wound infection after total knee replacement surgery
Muhammad Naveed, Zain Muhammad, Atif Ali, Farrukh Bashir, Ammar Dogar, Rehman Ali, Shahzad Javed

Outcomes in terms of pain relief and early return to work in patients with lumbar disc excision through interlaminar endoscopic technique
Hanan Akbar, Ajay Kumar, Zaigum Bajwa, Zain Naseer, Farrukh Bashir, Faisal Karim, Ammar Hafeez Dogar, Shahzad Javed

Outcome of external fixation in pediatric femoral shaft fractures
Muhammad Imran Khan, Muhammad Saqib, Zeeshan Faisal, Quratulain Shafique, Nida Shahid

Effectivity of open discectomy in lumbar prolapsed intervertebral disease in terms of pain relief: A prospective analysis
Muhammad Naveed, Imtiaz Muhammad, Atif Ali, Zain Muhammad, Zeeshan Faisal, Rizwan Akram

Autografts in nasal septal surgeries; Our experience
Habib Khattak, Farhan Salam, Naseem ul Haq, Shafi Ullah, Arif Raza Khan

The fear factor: A Hospital-wide cross-sectional survey to assess the severity of depression, anxiety and stress among health care workers during Covid-19 pandemic
Muhammad Arsalan Khan, Shah Muhammad, Saalim Mirza, Fizzah Arif, Syed Arslan Shehzad Shah, Syed Haider Mehdi, Asma Naseem, Abdaal Waseem Khan

Evaluation of port site infection following laparoscopic cholecystectomy for gallstones
Ayesha Saeed, Sharmeen Khan, Rizwan Ahmed Khan

Role of total leukocyte count in predicting complicated appendicitis in a tertiary care Hospital, Peshawar
Sakhawat Hussain, Naseem Khan, Mohammad Daraz Khan, Waqar Ullah, Fazli Rashid

Frequency of maternal morbidity and mortality associated with placental abruption
Naila Ehsan, Rohana Salam, Safia Jan, Muhammad Iqbal Khan, Ali Nawaz Kanrani, Saira Bibi

Silent Echoes: Understanding the unspoken pschological impact of child birth in a Pakistani tertiary care Hospital
Shazia Sultana, Khasheaa Nadeem, Shua Nasir, Alisha Saleem, Mehreen Yousaf Rana, Huma Muzaffar, Samina Kamal, Rubina Hussain



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