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Current Issue - January - March 2018, Vol. 34, No. 1



From the Desk of Editorial


Open partial nephrectomy for T1a-b solid renal masses: A developing country perspective
Harris H. Qureshi, Gohar Sultan, Rehan Mohsin, Asad Shehzad, Muhammed Mubarak, Syed Anwer Naqvi, Syed Adeeb ul Hassan Rizvi, Altaf Hashmi

Outcomes of primary repair in penetrating colonic injuries
Shoaib Ahmed Quershi, Riffat Arbab, Muhammad Iqbal Khan, Maria Mehmood, Hafsa Jaffar

Knowledge and practices about breast cancer
Muhammad Yasir Tarar, Sadaf Inayat, Razia Atta, Sadaf Khurshid, Anas Ahmed Khan, Syeda Ayesha Hashmi

Frequency of non-fermenting Gram Negative Bacilli in ICU setting: Experience at a tertiary care center in Karachi
Pushpa Valiram, Suresh Kumar

Common intra-abdominal pathologies on diagnostic laparoscopy among patients with non-acute abdominal pain
Sheikh Muhammad Ibqar Azeem, Munir Ahmad, Ambareen Samad, Muddasar Shahzad, Muzafar uddin Sadiq

Medical student’s preferred learning style
Shama Mashhood, Mashhood-uz-Zafar Farooq, Muhammad Faisal Fahim, Maria Khan

Our experience with ligation of intersphincteric fistula tract (LIFT) for anal fistula
Farooq Khan, Jawad Khalil, Hajira Farooq Khan

Variability in Ilioinguinal nerve anatomy during open hernia repair and its association with post-operative pain
Omer Fateh, Muhammad Samir Irfan Wasi, Syed Umar Rafiq

Periorbital, forehead and scalp oedema after follicular unit extraction technique (FUE); Classification, management methods and outcome
Habib Ullah Shah, Huma Gul, Naeem Ullah, Muhammad Rashid Khan

Supracondylar displaced fractures of elbow in children treated with closed reduction and percutaneous K-wire fixation
Awal Hakeem, Sana Ullah, Syed Hamad Ali Shah Banori, Israr Ahmed, Mohammad
Arif khan, Abid Ali

An audit of primary post-partum hemorrhage at a tertiary care hospital
Shahina Ishtiaq, Urooj Malik, Shazia Sultana, Aisha Jadoon

Disaster in the making chikungunya epidemics in Karachi: A fight worth fighting
Muhammad Rasheed Khan Durrani, Iram Ashraf, Anam Shaikh

Frequency of incomplete excision of low risk facial basal cell carcinoma with a safety margin of three millimetre
Hidayat Ullah, Muhammad Tahir, Mansoor Khan, Shazia Naz

Pediatric suprapubic urinary diversion in acute urinary retention. An easy, fast and feverish technique
Syed Saeed Abidi, Denis Vyskubov, Mohd Yousuf, Owais Khawar, Irfan Feroz, Mohd Aslam

Effectiveness of metabolic weight loss surgery on type-II diabetes, hypertension and lipid disturbances: Review of systemic analysis
Surrendar Dawani, Aruna Dawani, Hassan Ahmed, Shahid Rasul


Excision pelvic schawanoma under neurophyiological monitoring: A rare entity
Arshadullah Khan, Jehad al Shawi, Sumayya Tajwar

Laparoscopic appendicectomy in a female patient with situs Invertus totalis; a case report
Ziauddin Afridi, Mubashra Ahmad Khan, Riaz Ahmad, Munir Ahmad, Muhammad Rashed


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