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January - March 2022, Vol. 38, No. 1


Status quo: maintaining the status quo means doing nothing
Tariq Mehmood Khan


Difficult Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy, Primum non nocere!
Zafar Ullah Khan

Satisfactoriness of COVID19 vaccine among Surgeons and Physicians
Muhammad Saad Usmani, Aisha Khatoon, Nusrat Ali Jafri, Alvia Saad, Shua Nasir, Lal Shahbaz

Comparing the effects of Ketorolac and Ibuprofen on post-operative pain relief after para umbilical hernia repair. A randomized clinical trial
Rabbia Zubair, Masoom Raza Mirza, Muhammad Ali Channa, Uzair Yaqoob

Thrombocytopenia as a mortality predictor in septic patients
Anum Arshad Beg, Mirza Arshad Beg, Faisal Siddiqi, Madiha Haroon, Areeba Abdullah

An audit of operating notes in a general surgical unit: Findings and how to improve for patient well being
Sameeah Hanif, Muhammad Nawaz

Anterior abdominal wall hernias in regards to prevalence and risk factors
Sameeah Hanif, Soweba Hanif, Muhammad Nawaz

Frequency of intestinal tuberculosis in patients of intestinal perforation presenting in surgical emergency
Sheikh Atiq-ur-Rehman, Fayyaz Ahmad, Muhammad Younus Khan, Nawab Ali

Comparison of hemodynamic responses by IV labetalol and IV lidocaine at the time of tracheal extubation: A randomized controlled trial
Shoaib Malik, Maida Muzaffar, Nadeem Munir, Shahneela Raza, Lal Rehman

Prevalence of epithelial cell abnormality in Pap smear
Farah Khan, Sehrish Khurshid, Saira Jamshed, Ayesha Kashmala Ghauri, Arif Memon, Noureen Waleem


An isolated anterior compartment syndrome after a Bimalleolar fracture - Open Reduction and Internal Fixation in a patient with underlying non-compliant Parkinson’s disease - A case Report
Shazaf Masood Sidhu, Haroon Kasi, Sidra Naeem Siddiqui, Sawera Kolachi


Abdominal decompression with Bogota bag in a trauma patient: A case report
Ahmed Albani, Azam Yusuf, Maryam Al Ali, Taher Helmy, Raed Naji, Hessa Abbas

The Editors and the Members of the Editorial Board will not be held responsible for statements or opinions
expressed by any contributor nor will they necessarily reflect the official policy of the Society of Surgeons of Pakistan.