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Prof. Saleem Khan
Pakistan Journal of Surgery,
Room 8, 4th Floor, Hamdard University Hopital, Taj Medical Complex, M. A. Jinnah Road, Karachi.
Cell: 0336 223 3631
Current Issue - January - March 2019, Vol. 35, No. 1



Diabetic Foot Ulcer: A short review of current management
Dauda D. Bawa


Serum amylase sensitivity in diagnosed cases of Acute pancreatitis; A Peshawar study
Zubair Ahmad Khan, Azhar Saeed, M. Saad Bin Nasir

Splenic injury in blunt abdominal trauma
Muddasar Shahzad, Sheikh Muhammad Ibqar Azeem, Munir Ahmad

Outcomes after external iliac artery ligation in infected pseudo aneurysms of femoral artery in I/V drug abusers: role of collateral circulation
Mohammad Ali Iqbal, Muhammad Shahzeb Najam, Muhammad Najmuddin Shabbir, Jai Kershan

Comparison of ondansetron and dexamethasone combination with odensetron in preventing post-operative nausea and vomiting in patients of laparoscopic cholecystectomy
Neelam Halimi, Munir Ahmad, Hafiz Muhammad Waqas, Muhammad Basit

Identification of pathogenic bacteria isolated from tissues, bones infections and their antibiotic susceptibility pattern at Khyber Teaching Hospital, Peshawar
Abdus Samad, Muhammad Asghar, Muhammad Naeem, Noor Rehman, Naheed Asghar, Muhammad Haroon, Safia Rahman, Sadiq Azam, Resham Ali, Aaqib Khan, Ghadir Ali, Ibrar Khan, Farman Ullah

Effectiveness of fast tract surgery protocols in patients undergoing appendicectomy. A pragmatic trial
Hizbullah Jan, Att aullah khan, Anayat, Mah Munir Khan, Sayed Mohammad Hamid

Comparison of MELD and CTP scores to predict mortality in patients with acute variceal bleeding
Adil Naseer Khan, Muhammad Arshad Abbasi, Rubina Rafique, Anam Altaf

Comparison of the current trends in managing trigeminal neuralgia among oral maxillofacial surgeons and neuro surgeons in Sindh
Batool S. Vazir, Tahera Ayub, Sabeen Masood

Awareness regarding protective measures against side effects following long term corticosteroid therapy
Sadia Muhammad Azam Khan, Bilal Sethi, Nadeem Malik, Ishtiaq Anwar

Functional outcome in patients with bilateral post-traumatic facet jump dislocation after close reduction and skull traction
Shahzad Ahmad, Latif Khan, Shafqat Waseem, Ashfaq Ahmed, Saeed Ahmad, Haseeb Hussain, Shahzad Javed, Amer Aziz

Functional and radiological outcomes of open reduction and internal fixation of acetabular fractures
Awal Hakeem, Qaisar Azim, Ahmad Jawad Mufti, Zahid Askar

Anatomic variaton of the first dorsal compartment in surgical treatment of DeQuervain’s disease
Adeel Ahmed, Muhammad Imran Javed, Muhammad Saleem Akhtar, Muhammad
Imran Mangi

Frequency of pin tract infection in open tibia fracture treated with uniplaner external fixator
Aimal Sattar, Wali Muhammad, Muhammad Ayaz Khan, Faiz ul Aziz

Functional outcome of medial opening high tibial osteotomy with L-plate fixation in uni compartmental osteoarthritis knee
Muhammad Imran, Ammar Dogar, Rehan Wani, Saeed Ahmad, Haseeb Hussain, Ashfaq Ahmed, Shahzad Javed, Amer Aziz

The effect of size of the sac on neurological state in patients of Myelomeningocele
Urooj Fatima, Hussain Mehdi, Abdullah Muttaqi, Meesam Iftikhar, Surriyya Sarwat, Mohammad Farooq Umer

Maternal and perinatal outcome in preterm prelabor rupture of membranes
Shazia Sultana, Shahina Ishtiaq, Urooj Malik, Aqsa Zoey Akhai, Khasheaa Nadeem

Comparison of awareness, uptake and barriers of Human Papilloma Virus vaccine among students of private medical college in Karachi – A cross sectional study.
Farzana Aamir, Shagufta Naqvi, Arshi Farooquee, Aelia Naqvi, Zohra Rafique, Sumaira Virani, Nida Malik, Sidra Asghar Sahto, Fatima Faheem, Arifa Tajwany

Forehead flap: reliability and versatility
Amir Taimur Khan, Mansoor Khan, Hidayat Ullah, Muhammad Tahir

Evaluation of knowledge and awareness of HIV/AIDS among medical, dental and nursing students of healthcare institution in Karachi, Pakistan
A. Ahad Shafique, Zafar Abbas, Batool S Vazir, Sabeen Masood, Sameera Asif, Tahera Ayub


Infected urachal cyst in an adult male: a rare entity
Hajrah Hilal Ahmed, Muhammad Jamaluddin


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