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It is a peer reviewed journal, published quarterly and has controlled circulation. We accept Original Research Articles, Review Articles, Guest Editorials, Case Reports, Commen-taries, Short Communications, Articles on Medical Education, Materia Non-Medica, Selected Abstracts and Letters.

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Prof Rahil Mahmood Ur Rahman

Prof. Saleem Abdul Sattar Khan
Prof. Abdullah El Muttaqi
Prof Mirza Masoom Raza

Editor Emeritus
Prof. Zakiuddin G. Oonwala

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Prof. Syed Hussain Mehdi
Prof. Lubna Habib

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Prof. Haris Rashid
Dr. Abid Jamal
Dr. Mahmood Khan

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Prof Tariq Mehmood Khan

Members of Executive Committee
Prof. Abdul Majeed Chaudhry, Lahore
Prof. Khalid Masood Gondal, Lahore
Prof. Mumtaz Maher, Karachi
Prof. Ahmed Fawad, Karachi
Prof. Yasser Al-Khalifa, Egypt
Prof. Najeeb-ur-Rab Ansari, Karachi
Prof. Saeed Quraishy, Karachi
Prof. Amjad Siraj, Karachi
Prof. Shamim Qureshi, Karachi
Dr. Aijaz Jabbar, UK
Dr. Iftikhar Yousuf, UK
Dr. Mansoor Yousuf, UK
Dr. Saeed Abdallah Al-Ghamdi, Saudia Arabia
Dr. Umer Farooq, Saudia Arabia
Dr. Fayez Al-Saffar, Saudia Arabia
Dr. Saeed Abidi, UAE
Dr Al Ameer, Saudia Arabia
Dr. Dauda Bawa, Nigeria
Dr Al Waleed, Nigeria
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Dr. Ashraf But, Saudia Arabia
Dr. Nasim Durrani, Saudia Arabia
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Prof. Saleem Abdul Sattar Khan
Pakistan Journal of Surgery,
Office No. 301, 3rd Floor, C-30-C/II, Shahbaz Lane 4, DHA Phase VI, Karachi.
Cell: 0336 223 3631
Current Issue - July - September 2022, Vol. 38, No. 3


Deep vein thrombosis is a challenge to a Surgeon
Saleem Khan


Universal Culture of Safety in Cholecystectomy, how to be safe?
Zafar Ullah Khan


Diagnostic utility of RIPASA and modified ALVARADO scoring systems in acute appendicitis in Karachi, Pakistan
Farhina Salahuddin, Azfaruddin Qureshi

Role of single dose prophylactic antibiotic in prevention of surgical site infection after lichtenstein hernioplasty: A randomized control trial
Bushra Abdul Waheed, Sameeah Hanif, Soweba Hanif, Batool Zehra

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on cancer patients presenting to surgical wards at tertiary care hospital Peshawar
Muhammad Naeem, Mian Qaviullah, Amir Hamza Khan, Muhammad Asghar, Noor Rehman, Mushtaq Ahmad

Willingness to smoke cessation among students of Medical Universities in Karachi
Naseem Khan Achakzai, Syed Aqeel Akbar Shah Gillani, Attaullah Bangulzai, Rubina Mir, Noor Khajjak, Zara Arshad, Tahira Kamal

Knowledge, attitude and practices regarding medical waste management among healthcare professionals of Bolan Medical Complex Hospital Quetta, Balochistan
Attaullah Bangulzai, Syed Aqeel Akbar Shah Gillani, Naseem Khan Achakzai, Rubina Mir, Tahira Kamal Baloch, Noor Khajjak, Zara Arshad

Non battle injury and surgical diseases observed in mixed military population at UN hospital Darfur, Sudan
Kaleem Akhtar, Misbah Rashid Waraich, Rao Khalid Mehmood, Farha Javaid, Usman Riaz, Rizwan Ahmed

Pattern and magnitude of cystic artery variations among Saudis in Aseer Region: Descriptive approach
Ahmad alhazmi, Mohammed Jalwi Karkaman, Awdah Abdulrahman Alkhathami, Abdulrahman Jalwi Korkoman, Sultana J Korkoman, Abdullah J Korkoman

Audit of post-operative complications in a general surgical setup
Sameeah Hanif, Muhammad Nawaz, Batool Zehra

Comparison of mean hospital stay and mean time for first passage of first flatus in patients having post-operative nasogastric intubation with no intubation after small bowel anastomosis
Muhammad Faisal Khan, Sheikh Muhammad Ibqar Azeem, Aftab Hussain, Muddasar Shahzad, Muhammad Kaleem, Zeeshan Muhammad Jaffar

Evaluation of closed Nasal Tip Rhinoplasty techniques
Munir Alam, Babar Rafiq Khan, Mian Farooq Ahmad

Impact of Kinesiophobia on ability of the athlete to return to pre-injury sports activity level: After arthroscopic anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction with hamstring tendon
Usman Mehmood, Arslan Ahmed Abro, Muhammad Sufyan, Muhammmad Kazim Rahim Najjad, Jai Shankar, Samiullah Khuhro, Maimoona Khan

Audit of lower extremity reconstruction and functional outcome analysis
Mansoor Khan, Waqas Hayat, Hidayat Ullah, Nasir Hayat Khan, Qazi Amjad Ali, Anastasia Koronaiou

Comparison of outcome of intra-articular steroid injection versus autologous platelets rich plasma in frozen shoulder patients
Qaisar Alam, Wali Muhammad, Nek Muhammad, Aimal Sattar, Naeem ullah

Frequency and outcome of Intrauterine Growth Restriction (IUGR) in pregnancy induced hypertension
Shazia Aftab, Samina Ayaz, Syeda Fariha Hussain, Agha Saddam Hussain


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